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Diner from the outside
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A Tradition Since 1956

The original TERRY’S DINER was opened in the fall of 1956 by Terry Holmes Sr. and his wife Marion Wargo Holmes and located slightly on the left of the present diner. Other sites were considered- including the area in the vicinity of Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley in South Scranton (A few years later this area around Cedar Lanes was closed down due to one of Scranton’s notorious underground mine fires.) The diner was the last of the famous Jerry O’Mahoney dining cars manufactured in Elizabeth N. J. The O’Mahoney dining cars were often considered the Cadillacs of dining cars. The diner seated 50 people. It featured stainless steel as opposed to the porcelain dining cars of the 1940s. As the business prospered a motel was added behind the diner.

In 1983, an addition was added to the diner to accommodate 150 more people. It included a room dedicated to the football legend Jim Crowley, one of the “Four Horsemen of Notre Dame”, and a personal friend of Terry who was a frequent guest at both diner and motel. (See our hall photo gallery for more info.) Jim gave Terry many of his trophies which were on display right up until the fire in 1999 which destroyed them and everything else. One trophy on display resembled the famous Heisman Trophy. When the Heisman Trophy was being created, Jim a Fordham football coach at the time (who also coached Vince Lombardi) was approached for an idea. Jim suggested that one of his players pose for this very famous and unique trophy. This idea was so well received that a similar trophy with a different pose was given to Jim as a remembrance of his involvement.

On the bitter cold morning of Valentine’s Day, 1999 as the staff was preparing as usual for a busy Sunday, a devastating fire raged through the new addition and later the diner destroying everything, including the trophies. There was nothing left of them but molten metal. It was so hot that paper currency in a fireproof box was singed and coins inside the box were also damaged. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. The fire raged on for more than four hours.

The Holmes family was devastated. Terry Jr. and his wife, Linda Kollra Holmes decided to rebuild. They purchased the Skyliner Diner in Dupont, PA. Having looked at other diners for sale, Terry felt a strong pull to the Skyliner because his father’s sister, Mary Holmes Occhipinti, had originally owned it. It too was another Jerry O’Mahoney diner. In June 1999, the diner was transported right up Interstate 81 from Dupont to the existing spot. (Picture top left) Terry Jr. and his wife built the addition around it. The new TERRY’S was finally opened in April 2000 and features an extensive menu—over 200 items, blue plate specials, dinner and movie packages, a BYOB policy, and a private party room. TERRY’S has been voted “Best Breakfast in Northeast PA” by a Rock 107 poll.

TERRY’S has been around now more than 50 years—proudly serving you with a tradition of family service. Terry Jr. and Linda maintain a very active role. If you look around you may see Terry Jr.’s sons, Terry III and Michael, helping in many ways. Then there is Terry Jr.’s brother, Tim Holmes, in and out of the kitchen, always coming up with creative ideas for new dishes. Tim’s wife, Luann, and their children, Kyle, Becky, and Megan work here. You may also have seen Terry Sr.’s other grandchildren Katie, Kevin and Kyle O’Hearn and also Ralph Donato at work here. Then there is also “Our Pat” (Pat Reed) who has worked for TERRY’S since April 1957, and has been recognized and honored for her “50” years of distinguished service. Pat along with many of the TERRY’S employees that came back after the fire (Janet, Diane, Helene, Mark, & Martha) and the rest of the new staff are also part of the FAMILY which is TERRY’S.

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