Terry's features an authentic 1950’s diner with stainless steel, terrazzo floor, and juke box. In addition there is a room for casual dining, and another for more elegant dining, parties and banquets. In the true tradition of diners, the menu is very extensive listing over 200 items - from breakfast (served anytime) to sandwiches, wraps, subs, salads, and full course dinners. Terry’s also offers a BYOB option, a special dinner and movie package, blue plate specials, and a children’s menu. Terry’s also specializes in after funeral gatherings, and food trays for bereaved families.

Stay connect at the diner with FREE WIFI.
Bring your own bottle.
Dinner and a movie starting at 25.99
    570.346.3137  —  4118 Birney Ave. Moosic Pa, 18507  —  Directions & Map
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